06459 SIP RC2/50 Air Compressor

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06459 SIP RC2/50 Air Compressor
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The SIP RC2/50 is an oil-lubricated direct drive compressor, built with an efficient cooling system, external air filters for easy access, and quality twin gauges for accurate measurement.

  • 230v (13amp) input supply

  • Oil-lubricated, direct-drive unit

  • Powerful 2hp (1.5kW) motor

  • Compact 50 litre air receiver size

  • 8CFM maximum piston displacement

  • 4.8CFM maximum free air delivery (FAD)

  • 116psi (8 bar) max. working pressure

  • Built with an efficient cooling system

  • External air filters for easy access

  • Fitted with quality twin gauges

  • Premium Italian construction

For more information contact our sales assistants: Ger or Pat on 063 84018

Email: info@nfm.ie

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