The Husqvarna Automower 430X

By Nunan Farm Machinery

The Husqvarna Automower 430X is a premium model and the perfect choice for everyone. This elegant and stylish robot mower can deal with highly complex gardens up to 3,200 square metres. It has a Lithium-ion battery provides a working range of 135 minutes. It can handle inclinations of up to 45% while maintaining a beautiful cut. The automower 430x has a cutting range of 2 – 6cm so you can clip the grass up to 6cm from the top and if required, it can trim more in the second trip and it covers every inch of the garden. The waterproof LCD display is hidden below a cover and it is designed with a tough and robust exterior to perform in all types of weather. It has LED headlights which give it visibility and control in the dark.

Setting up

The working area and areas you want your Husqvarna Automower to avoid are defined by a guide wire. This is easily laid out around the desired cutting area. Firstly, you need to draw a sketch of your garden’s area where you need the Automower to cover. Once you provide your Eircode, Nunan Farm Machinery can then map out the working area of the mower in your lawn via our software. A more complicated lawn layout might require a visit from us, which we are happy to do free of charge. The cable is installed around the perimeter of the lawn. This can be done either manually by the customer or preferably by Nunan Farm Machinery's installation team who can bury the cable using their cable laying machine. The charging station is placed on a flat surface near to a power outlet. It is important that the Automower’s path to the charging station is clear of any objects that might get in the way. Once the charging station is installed a green light indicates it is ready for use. Then you do a calibration run with the robotic lawnmower. Once calibrated you enter your PIN onto the control panel and your Automower 430X is ready to go!

Husqvarna Automower 430X has many innovative features. It has an advanced GPS System which creates a map of your lawn’s area including the base station and guide wire. This allows it to leave areas that are already cut and to focus on the remaining uncut parts of your lawn. Another special feature is spiral cutting. This is for areas with taller grass. This feature allows the Automower to mows in a spiral manner. It focusses on the overgrown area until the grass it cut evenly. All Husqvarna Automower X-line models features the Automower Connect. This Husqvarna app with smart home integration, GPS tracking enables you control your mower when you are away from home. Collision and lift sensors allow the Automower to slow down and change direction when sensing a nearby object thus reducing the risk of collision damage. The sensors also stop the blade and mower immediately if the Automower is lifted. It is equipped with an alarm and cannot be used without the personal PIN code. The weather timer feature adapts the time spent mowing so your Husqvarna Automower works more often during strong grass growth periods and less in drought conditions.


The waterproof LCD display is hidden below a cover and it is designed with a tough and robust exterior to perform in all types of weather. It has LED headlights which give it visibility and control in the dark. Cost Effectiveness The Husqvarna 430X is a premium priced Automower. It has an efficient electric motor and Lithium-ion battery. This saves you money and time as you don’t have to bother with cans of petrol anymore or hiring somebody to cut your lawn when you are away from home. Grass Collection & Discharge Husqvarna Automower 430X acts as a mulcher in that it cuts the grass into small pieces. These drop to the surface layer of the soil or humus. There the cut grass rots and return it’s nutrients to the your lawn. This avoids the need for collecting large amounts of grass cuttings which then have to be disposed of or composted. It also means you don’t waste anymore time raking up cut grass.


The manoeuvrability of Husqvarna Automower 430X is outstanding. With dimensions of 72 x 56 x 31cm and weighing just 13.2kg, this mower can get to any part of your lawn. Its large wheels and threaded rubber tyres are able to deal with tough conditions. It handles slopes of up to 45% and moves down the far side with the same ease. It is the perfect mower for use in wet weather like we have in Ireland.

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