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Nunan Farm Machinery supplies the Husqvarna automower to Limerick, Cork, Clare and Kerry. In 1998 Husqvarna launched their 1st generation Automower® - while in 1995 we see the solar mower, by 1998 Husqvarna realised to ensure cutting could be done year round without being dependent on suitable weather conditions, they thought it best to change to a battery operated machine. Husqvarna offer a full range of machines to suit your lawn size from under 600m2 up to 5000m2 for the Husqvarna 450X Smart features come standard on the new X Range, such as:

• Extra security and full control Giving the user full control of the mower and GPS real time tracking which tracks the mower in real time to prevent theft

• The GPS-assisted navigation allows the mower to navigate even the most complex or hard to reach areas.

• Automatic passage handling guides through narrow passages down to 60 cm width

• A rain, sun and growth sensor automatically adjusts the mower’s cutting habits to adapt to the actual growth rate of the

• Slope control means improved traction on steep slopes

• Imbalance control means the system can automatically detect any imbalance in the cutting system, for trouble-free operation.

Contact Nunan Fam Machinery sales team to to enquire about the full range of Husqvarna Automowers. We can measuring your lawn on line to see which mowel will suit your lawn size

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